pH Scale

pH Scale 7.0

pH Scale is a physics simulation tool made in Java

pH Scale is a physics simulation tool made in Java. Thus, it runs in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and it requires no installation. All you have to do is double-click the .JAR file that you download from the website. This simulation illustrates the concepts of pH, acidity, dilution, and bases.

The simulation shows two faucets: one can pour any liquid chosen from a drop-down list, and the other only water. You can make different combinations and test the acidity of the resulting mix. When you open one of the faucets (by moving the sliding bar), you fill a container with the liquid. You can drain it by opening the faucet at the bottom. When there is liquid in the container, a scale shows the acidity of the liquids in the container. On the right of the screen is a logarithmic scale and a linear scale, which show the components of the water in either concentration (mol/L) or number of moles (mol). You can also create a custom liquid by moving the slider in the pH scale, which will add a custom liquid to the container and show a new concentration of molecules in the graph.

There are quite a few learning guides on the website in several languages that should explain this simulation in detail and provide goals for learning the concepts illustrated by it.

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